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This Week in Lincolnville by Diane O’Brien: Just happy to be here. Denial is the first stage

(From the LBG: Our hearts got out to Diane an the entire O’Brien family. Wally was a wonderful man who will be sorely missed.) So I’m kneeling on the bathroom floor trying to remember how to scrub a toilet. I haven’t done this for decades. It was an agreement we’d come to the way so many of our disputes ended: I out-talked him. “There are four of you, one of me,” I pointed out, “and I sit to pee.” Little boys and even grown men don’t always bother much with aim. He had no answer for that. And that’s how he got toilet-cleaning duty. Denial is the first stage of grief; I thought that meant you pretended it didn’t happen. But apparently it can mean numbness. I can’t see my husband’s face, can’t hear his voice. Numb. (A friend, whose kitchen window looks out over...

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