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Welcome to Lincolnville

It’s Just Beautiful! That’s the reaction that most people have when they visit Lincolnville for the first time. The Heart of the Maine Coast Lincolnville, Maine is a well-kept secret – one of those “off the beaten path” places hiding in plain sight on the Midcoast of Maine.  Within its boundaries are beaches, lakes, mountains, salmon streams, great places to stay, fabulous food, and countless things to see and do. Voted one of the “top 20 Towns in the U.S.” by Outside Magazine Lincolnville was first settled in 1774 as a farming and fishing community.  Over time it has become home to an eclectic mix of people that includes artists, writers, craftsmen, world-class sailors, boat builders, winemakers, lobstermen, farmers, and just about any other profession you can name. Lincolnville is probably best known for ‘the Beach’ – a nice sandy beach people traveling Route 1...

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Lincolnville Fine Art – Art lives at the beach!

When the door opens you are greeted by familiar names; Kathleen Mack, Jill Hoy and David Henning Larson. Look a little further and you’ll see the work of Bill Hallett, Diana Young Richard Kapral and Renete Caraballo. Where are you you ask? The Farnsworth? CMCA? No…You are at Lincolnville Fine Art. The home of some of the works of these fine artists as well as many other seasoned artists from Maine and beyond. Opened out of his house in 1997 Dwight Wass, in May of 2013 opened his gallery right on Atlantic Highway just steps from Lincolnville Beach.   That morning there was a schooner moored in the harbor. “It’s an amazing location” said Wass. It’s pretty amazing inside the gallery. As you walk past the sculptures by Mack and the lovely Maine water scenes by Hoy, my attention was captivated by the dark but...

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