Lincolnville Fine Art – Art lives at the beach!

When the door opens you are greeted by familiar names; Kathleen Mack, Jill Hoy and David Henning Larson. Look a little further and you’ll see the work of Bill Hallett, Diana Young Richard Kapral and Renete Caraballo.

Where are you you ask? The Farnsworth? CMCA?

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No…You are at Lincolnville Fine Art. The home of some of the works of these fine artists as well as many other seasoned artists from Maine and beyond.

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Opened out of his house in 1997 Dwight Wass, in May of 2013 opened his gallery right on Atlantic Highway just steps from Lincolnville Beach.

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That morning there was a schooner moored in the harbor. “It’s an amazing location” said Wass. It’s pretty amazing inside the gallery.

As you walk past the sculptures by Mack and the lovely Maine water scenes by Hoy, my attention was captivated by the dark but spectacular “Asylum with Two Nudes” part of David Henning Larson’s Asylum Series.


L'Ville fine art-8


Still though attention is a fleeting thing and mine was turned by the soccer series by Kathleen Mack. Maybe it was my obsession with the World Cup but “The Yellow Card” standing proudly on the back wall was resonating easily.

L'Ville fine art-9










A look into the back room yielded works from Don Wass (Dwight’s cousin) as well as Dwight himself not to mention the large sculpture hanging on the outside of the gallery. That also by Dwight. There’s also wood and metal sculpture by artist Kevin James.

L'Ville fine art-16







And if that wasn’t enough. You can also find shelves of smaller sculpture as well as some pretty nice jewelry there as well.

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If you’re coming to Lincolnville or just passing through or are just an art lover.
Make it a stop for sure.

See more from Lincolnville Fine Art below.








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