The Beach!

We know winter here in Maine. It lasts a long time. So when the days get longer and the warmth of Summer finally does arrive,
it’s time for the Beach.

Lincolnville Beach. Lincolnville MaineLincolnville Beach is the spot for all your beach going fun. Located pretty conveniently along Atlantic Highway (Route 1) and close to all kinds of restaurants  and shops it’s very close to other sightseeing activities making it the ideal spot on the midcoast of Maine for an afternoon of sun filled relaxation. If it gets too hot (and this seems to be the case more and more here in the summer) you can always take a dip in the cool waters of the Penobscot Bay.


Lincolnville Beach. Lincolnville Maine







If you get hungry you are a short walk to so many eating options!

Don’t forget to look at the cannons. They were put there during the war of 1812.
I doubt you’ll ever need them, but it’s comforting to know they exist.

Lincolnville Beach. Lincolnville Maine

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