We Love Weddings

Getting married? Lincolnville is a Special place for a Wedding.

Whether pledging your eternal love for the first time or renewing your vows, come be married in a place as timeless as your commitment.

Your wedding should be perfect – in every way. The commitment of a lifetime will inspire memories that last just as long. Few places tempt perfection or capture inspiration more than our region. Here, you will find the perfect marriage of pastoral beauty and progressive amenities.

Hold your ceremony in the sun-dappled splendor of an outdoor amphitheatre overlooking a dazzling harbor; atop a local mountain bordered only by breathtaking vistas; aboard a schooner as a following breeze guides you past postcard islands and into waters as deep as your love; or in a century-old church topped with a spire that seems to reach to eternity.

Consider the appeal of a wedding in the Heart of the Maine Coast during any season. Lupine and lilac provide a fragrant and soothing pastel backdrop in springtime; pristine summers are so spectacular they seem to coax smiles even from the surrounding landscape; autumn’s kaleidoscopic natural brilliance adds unforgettable color to any special moment; and a flickering hearth warming winter’s kiss adds distinctive intimacy.

Allow us to share the beauty of this region with you — a beauty reflective of the love you share.

 Getting Married Here?

Obtaining the License

  • A photo ID may be required
  • If not your first marriage, bring a certified copy of the divorce certificate.
  • Parental consent is required for applicants under the age of 18.
  • No blood test required.
  • Before filing, check with the municipal clerk to determine municipal policy.

Marriage Licenses
Lincolnville 207-763-3555

Officiants may be:

  • Ordained ministers of the gospel.
  • Persons licensed to preach by an association of ministers, religious seminary, or ecclesiastical body.
  • Judges of justices (residents of Maine only)
  • Lawyers admitted to the Maine Bar (residents of Maine only)
  • Maine Notaries (see below)

Local Notaries

  • Peggy Bade, 207-542-3148
  • Abe Baggins, 207-236-2908
  • Capt. Ken Barnes, 207-236-3520
  • Mary Bumiller, 207-949-9155
  • Cyndi Clayton, 207-596-0119
  • Chris Cokinis, 207-596-9689
  • Donna Culbertson, 207-594-4531
  • Greg Dugal, 207-763-3068
  • Kathy Felch, 207-785-2167
  • Jean Forest, 207-230-0838
  • Tina Murray 207-542-6500
  • Capt. Dan Pease, 207-236-9141
  • Capt. Jennifer Porter, 207-236-0633
  • Carol Rogers, 207-763-4091
  • Linda Vaughan, 207-691-9037

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